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The shortage of precision mold market

The mold industry has a bright future, and the market for precision molds is in short supply. However, the proportion of high, middle, and low-end molds produced by China's mold industry is extremely unbalanced, which is very unfavorable to the development of China's mold industry. There is an urgent need to accelerate the speed of structural adjustment, develop high-end market segments, and keep pace with international markets.

Compared with the past, China's mold technology level has greatly improved, but the proportion of high, middle and low end produced by the domestic mold industry is extremely unbalanced, which is very unfavorable to the development of China's mold industry. Although in recent years, the structure and system of China's mold industry has made great changes, mainly as follows: medium and high-end molds, large-scale, precision, complex, long life. However, due to the excessive demand for low- and medium-grade molds in our country, the self-proportioning ratio of medium-to-high-end molds is less than 60%. It is not difficult to see that these are unreasonable.

They are mainly manifested in the following aspects: First, mold steel and other constraints; second, the level of standardization needs to be improved; third, high-end mold talents need to be cultivated urgently; fourth, to accelerate the pace of mold product structure adjustment; fifth, increase investment to strengthen innovation Capabilities; six, promote joint reorganization of mold enterprises; seven, overseas market development needs to be deepened.

Mould expert Luo Baihui pointed out that in addition to continuing to increase production capacity, China's mold industry should focus on internal structural adjustment and technological development. Mainly due to the professional adjustment of corporate structure, the development of product structure towards mid-to-high-end molds, the improvement of import and export structure, mold analysis and structural improvement of middle- and high-end automotive cover molds, multifunctional composite molds and composite processing, and laser technology in mold design and manufacturing Development of high-speed cutting, super-finishing and polishing technology, and information technology.

In the face of the world's mold market, especially the high-end market, a big cake with broad prospects, everyone will be excited. According to the development status of the mold industry, research and develop related mold machine tool products to seize the market.