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Raw Material Procurement Process For Plastic Molds

In order to maintain stable quality and high production life of plastic molds, the importance of the quality of the steel used is self-evident. The quality of the steel material directly affects the life of plastic mold quality. Therefore, when selecting plastic mold steel, it is necessary to consider the mold steel suitable for the customer's needs.   Under normal circumstances, if the customer requires a high output of the product, it is necessary to choose a steel material with a higher hardness, otherwise it is easy to wear, and the injection molded product is easily out of tolerance. However, if the customer is only a test model, only for testing the market, there is no need for mass production. Then the choice of steel is not as harsh as in mass production.


How to purchase steel?


1) According to customer's production needs, select the appropriate steel material or customer specified steel material.


2) Design the BOM and purchase it.


3) Purchasing according to the required materials, issue a quotation from the corresponding raw material supplier.


4) After returning the quotation, carefully check the relevant information such as the size, quantity and price of the mold steel.


5) The information is correct, place the order.


6) After the material is returned, the quality is checked and the inspection is qualified before the CNC processing can be started.


The selection and procurement of mold steel is related to the quality and life of plastic molds, which is a very important part in the manufacture of plastic molds. Plastic mold manufacturing is a very precise process, and every link must be controlled. This will ensure the quality of the plastic mold.