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Office chair base mould manufacture

If you want to do a good job of a chair mould, first of all, you must choose a good mould company. Many companies can do chair mould.However, to do a good job of a chair mold, or need some selection conditions.The scale of equipment, the experience of technical personnel and the ability to cope with emergencies are the embodiment of the strength of the die and mould company.

The second is the quality requirements, that is, the life of the mold.A good mold can produce millions of sets of mold, and some dozen dozens of sets of product mold will be repaired.The life of the mold should be determined by combining with its own capacity.The life of the mould is closely related to the hardness of the steel, and the hardness of the chair mould should reach at least HRC33. In order to control the cost, it is generally acceptable to use P20 material for about 500,000 molds, and the cost of better steel should be much higher.

There is also the question of the shape of the chair.Some customers need to do a lot of chair molds, among them, the same style of different flower board do not need to open a lot of molds, in this case, only need to open a mold can be, flower board can do a number of inserts, good inserts can be used for exchange.