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The main considerations for injection mold

What are the main considerations in designing a standard injection mold?

In general, a standard injection mold design will start from the design of the plastic part. And the main job on designing a good plastic part are as below.

1, Design and analysis of the plastic part to avoid defects (analysis of defectology).

2, Demoldability analysis of the plastic part (verification of undercuts)( location of parting line).

3, Calculation of the shrinkage of the part (material dependent).

According the design of plastic part, will do accordingly job for the design of injection mold.

1, Cycle Time Calculation.

2, Estimation of the Number of Cavities.

3, Sizing of the Cavity and Core Plates.

4, Sizing and selection of the Feeding System.

5, Sizing and choosing the Ejection System.

6, Sizing of the mold venting system.

7, Sizing and selection of the Cooling System.

8, Sizing of sliders and internal pins (if there are undercuts).

9, Minimum capacities of injection machine( Clamping Force and Injection shot).

10, Sizing of the mold guiding system.

The good design of mold will depend on the good design of plastic part, so it is very important to do a clear and good design of plastic part.