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Key points to ensure the quality of injection mold

What is the Key points to ensure the quality of injection mold?

In recent years, the sales of mold testing equipment have been increasing. It can be seen that the injection mold market has more and more stringent requirements for quality improvement, which will continue to improve the quality of our injection molded products. So is the plastic mold made or detected? After more than 20 years of experience in kayou plastic mold factory, the key to ensuring the quality of the mold is the quality control in the process of manufacturing the plastic injection mold. Specifically from the following aspects.

  1. Implement effective product data management, process data management, drawing document management.

  2. Timely summarize the design and manufacturing costs of the mold.

  3. Maintain the consistency and integrity of the mold drawings, processing technology and physical objects.

  4. Overall planning, coordinate planning and production, effectively guarantee the quality of plastic molds and delivery on schedule.

  5. Manufacture a complete and practical mold production management system.

  6. Establish a processing technology program.

  7. Establish a strict quality inspection department.

  8. Establish a mold project follow-up management team.