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Review 3d drawing of plastic component for injection mold

How to do review on 3d drawing of plastic parts for injection mold?

It is very important job to do a nice review on the 3d drawings before quote price for mold. The following points should be noted when do review on drawings of platic parts for mold. The material, dimension, structure of the product, customer's request to mold material and heat treatment process. The better the material, the higher the price. Especially from the mold point of view to analyze its structure, whether the need for three plate mold, mold output number, water inflow situation, core-pulling structure (roof, row structure), cooling system, open & close mold system, ejector structure, etc. The more complex the structure, the higher the mold cost. In addition, accroding plastic mold picture. From the aspects of simplifying mold structure, saving cost, advancing mold production efficiency and mold life, mold designer has the task to suggest customers to correct some structural details of the product structure.