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Do you know what is injection moulding

Do you know what is injection moulding? 

Injection moulding is a manufacturing process to produce parts for products. Such as, when you need to make a power bank, you have to make the cover and house for it at first. These plastic parts can be made by injection moulding with the mold. Then how does it works to form the correct parts? that is a good question, that is Kayou's professional. Kayou's engineering team will design and produce the injecction mold according your actual plastic parts or your 3D drawing of the design. When a final design of mold come out, it will be able to produce the good quality of plastic parts by injecting molten plastics into it.  Every mold will be good designed with concept of cost, efficiency and lifetime. And test sample before deliver to customer. Injection molding is widely applicated into different industries now. Not only in 3c electronic product industrial, also, in medical device industrial, in home appliance device industrial,in electronic tool device, in office device industrial,in construction device industrial, and so on.