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What conditions need to be met for plastic mold production and processing?

1. Avoid sharp corners

When buying various plastic toy live products in the market, you will find that most of the toys and plastic products have relatively smooth surfaces. Generally speaking, there are no obvious sharp corners. Then in this case Next, if you want to achieve this effect, you should ensure that the plastic mold used in the production of this plastic product does not have sharp corners, which can make the shape of the product look more smooth, and at the same time can effectively avoid adhesion, etc. Various problems arise, so that the quality of the product can be improved.

Second, the surface is smooth

This is also a more important aspect, because if the surface of the plastic mold is not smooth enough during the processing of the plastic mold, when using this mold to produce various plastic products, you will find that the outer surface of these products looks It is also pitted, and the important thing is that if the surface of these plastic molds has some bumps or pits, then you will find that the surface of these products is not complete at the final demolding, because there are some things due to The contact area at the bump or 2 points is relatively large, so it is easy to stick to the mold surface, so naturally there is no guarantee to protect the integrity of the product, so in order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to put as much as possible during processing. The surface of the mold is smoother and smoother.

Three, to design vents

Many people may think that when using various injection molds, it is generally necessary to ensure the tightness of the mold. Only in this way will it not flow out when various melts are injected, but if its tightness is very good At this time, it is very likely that after pouring these melts, there will be a lot of bubbles inside, which will also seriously affect the quality of the product, so in order to avoid this situation, then in the process of plastic mold processing It is necessary to design vent holes. Only in this way can the air inside the mold and some bubbles in the melt be discharged when the melt is poured. Of course, at this time, it should be ensured that the vent holes should achieve a specific exhaust efficiency.