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How to choose the material for making plastic molds?

First of all, the materials used for plastic mold manufacturing should be easy to process. Generally speaking, some mold parts are made of most metals, with complex structures and complex shapes. In order to improve work efficiency and shorten the production cycle, materials are needed to facilitate processing. When the mold material is easier to process, the staff can operate according to the design requirements to minimize the deviation.

Second, the material should have good wear resistance. Generally speaking, the surface of plastic parts in plastic mold manufacturing and processing should maintain the proper gloss and accuracy. These properties have a lot to do with wear resistance. Especially in the plastic mold manufacturing process, some other materials will be added to complete the high-speed flow in the runner and cavity. In this process, friction will occur to the cavity. Once the selected material does not have strong wear resistance, it will be damaged, which will seriously affect the quality problem.

Third, the material should have corrosion resistance. In the plastic mold manufacturing process, some additives are used, which may cause corrosion on the cavity surface. Once the material cannot withstand the corrosiveness, the material on the surface will fall off and the quality of the plastic part will be reduced. In the face of this situation, it is recommended to use materials with corrosion resistance to improve the safety factor.

Fourth, choose stable materials. During the injection molding process, the temperature of the cavity has increased to over 300 degrees. Therefore, in the manufacturing and processing of plastic molds, materials that are stable should be selected, which can withstand the test of high temperature and will not change the structure and size due to the influence of high temperature.

Fifth, the material should have little heat treatment. When the mold material becomes less affected by heat treatment, the hardness and wear resistance will continue to increase. Therefore, in the plastic mold manufacturing and processing process, we should pay attention to this performance, so that the size of the material will not change much after heat treatment.

Sixth, the polishing performance of the material should be better. In the plastic mold manufacturing process, there are high requirements for gloss. In order to achieve this goal, the roughness of the cavity surface should be reduced as much as possible.