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plastic injection mold

Injection molding

Injection mold is a tool to produce plastic products;Injection molding is a process used to mass-produce parts with complex shapes.Is to give the plastic product complete structure and precise size of the tool, refers to the heat will be melted by high pressure into the mold cavity, after cooling and curing, forming products.Most of our commonly used plastic products are produced by injection mold, such as: computers, home appliances, mobile phones, cars and other products of plastic products are basically produced by injection mold.The key equipment for injection molding is injection molding machine and injection mold.


Injection molding machine is the thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic using plastic molding mold into plastic products of the main molding equipment.It is divided into vertical, horizontal, all-electric and oil-pressure.Injection molding equipment that heats plastic and applies high pressure to the molten plastic to allow it to shoot out and fill the mold cavity,


The injection mold gating system is the passage from the nozzle of the injection molding machine to the product, through which the plastic material is injected into the mold product cavity, including the main channel, the diverging channel, the cold material well and the gate, and also the hot channel gating system which is directly injected into the product surface.


Die frame also known as die blank, is the main body of mold assembly, through the mold frame mold accurately fixed in the injection molding machine, injection molding.The parts of the mold are mounted on the mold rack, and the mold is precisely fixed on the injection molding machine through the mold rack, so that z can complete the injection molding.