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Plastic Injection Mold For Attendance Machine

Plastic Injection Mold For Attendance Machine

Plastic injection mold for attendance machine cover, please send us a enquiry if you are interest in plastic injection mold from Kayou.

Product Details

1, The business value of attendance machine mold.

Attendance machine has a significant change for enterprises to improve work efficiency , this way can both save the time cost and the output of the fast and efficient work, the advantage of the attendance machine performance but also changed the traditional working mode of enterprise, attendance machine iterative update will fusion as people demand a higher level of science and technology, attendance machine development prospects have constantly progress space and value-added effect.However, as long as the attendance machine needs to be constantly updated, our injection molding market will continue to expand, so the demand for our injection molding mold is also greater. Kayou plastic injection mold act as a professional mold and molding factory for over 20years, we promiss to every customer to manufacture the most cost efficient and quality of plastic injection mold or tooling and also we promiss to offer very nice quality of plastic injection moulding if you need us to supply production of the plastic parts. 

2, Specification of attendance machine mold

Plastic components name: plastic injection mold for attendance machine .

Parts size: size canbe customized according your own sample or design.

Materials for components: accoring what you want to use, such as PP,PC,PBT,ABS,etc. 

Texture: polish.

Eject type: melt plastic injection.

Mold size: based on the design. 

Mold weight: based on the design.

Gate: gate or sub-gates.

Runner system: hot runner or cold runner.

Sliders: normally complex mold will need sliders.

Cavity: 2cavitys, 4cavitys or more.

Mold life time: 50000-300000shots

Mold base material: LKM or others  

3, Types of attendance machine

Time Card. The least expensive option is a high-tech version of the old mechanical punch clock.

Proximity cards, badges, and key Fobs. These eliminate the need for swiping.


Web-Based Login Stations.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

4, Kayou Profile

KAYOU was founded in 2002,and is located in ShenZhen, China,have mold making and injection moulding workshop, with 10000sqm of factory space and over +100 employees,we are professional in the manufacturing of precision plastic injection moulds and double colour, precision mould for Nickon and CITIZEN. Biger mould for Subaru, BMW and TOYOTA, etc.


Q1: What kind of products can you produce, except office equipment product? 

A1: Our injection mold or moulding service including all plastic product industries, such as home appliance devices, consumer electronics,office devices,auotmotive parts, medical devices,goods package components,etc.

Q2: How to get quotation for my project?

A2: We will send you quotation within 24hrs after we get the 3D drawings or get actual sample.  

Q3: How long does it take to build my mold?

A3: Normally 7days for design of mold, 25days for manufacturing mold.

Q4, What is your terms of packaging?

A4: We do packing as your requirements, but you will have to bear the cost.

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