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Water filter jugs plastic injection moulding

Water filter jugs plastic injection moulding

OEM customize production varieties of water filter jugs. Customized as customer's design or requirements. China plastic injection mould factory. China plastic injection molding factory.

Product Details


1, One Stop Moulding Service 

Kayou plastic injection mold manufactory provide service one stop service for your new developed filter jugs as below:

(1), Bring your innovation idea of filter jugs into reality.

(2), Design 3D drawing of your filter jug as your idea or requirements. 

(3), Design plastic injection mold according 3D drawings of filter jug.

(4), Manufacture plastic mould as design.

(5), Test sample on the injection mould.

(6), Injection moulding production of your filter jugs.

(7), Assembling and Packaging.

(8), Delivery. 

2, Product Information

Product Name: OEM and ODM water filter jug.

Application: Water treat appliance.

Feature 1: Mineral alkaline water.

Feature 2: Stong anti-oxidant.

Feature 3: Small molecule.

Product Color: Single color or multi color.

Capacity: 3.5L,4.5L,5.5L,etc.

Body Material: AS,ABS,etc.

Inside Material: Active carbon, ion-exchange resin, ORP ion ball,etc.

Logo: print logo as customer's requirements.

3, Formation Process of Filter Jugs 

To know how to make the filter jugs, we have to know how to make the each separated parts. Most of the single parts are plastic injection moulded parts. We designed the mold according the production of filter jugs. When plastic heated to be liquid,and are injected into the cavity of mold, one cavity or multi cavity, after the plastic liquid become cold, the plastic parts has been creatived already. And this process is called plastic injection moulding. When the separated parts are all prepared, we can assemble the jugs and pack them. 

4, How to place my order to you?

Please clear your ideas or please prepare the 3D drawings of filter jugs, or directly send us a enquiry here and ask assistant from Kayou's engineering team.

5, RFQ

(1)  Q: what is injection moulding or injection molding?

       A: Injection moulding is a method to obtain moulded plastic parts by injecting heat molten plastic               into the cavity or cavities of the plastic mold, and them cooling and solidifying them. 

(2)  Q: Who can do plastic injection moulding?

       A: Not everyone can do injection moulding, to do injection moulding, it will need to have good quality of plastic injection moulding machine, good quality of plastic materials, good quality of mold and good skilled moulding engineer,etc. All of these will cost very big invest. We, Kayou plastic injection mold, has advanced mold making devices, 20years skilled engineering team, over 10pcs of advanced plastic injection moulding machines. We are the golden, reliable and quality supplier for your plastic products.

(3)  Q: What is your lead time? 

       A: It depends on your products.

           Normally Mold: 30days.

           Productions: 20-30days.

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