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Injection Mold For Car Plastic Door Modules Parts

Injection Mold For Car Plastic Door Modules Parts

High precision injection mold for car plastic door modules parts. 20years' Plastic Injection Mould Maker and Moulded Plastic Parts Factory. Welcome to contact us for more details.

Product Details

High precision injection mold for car plastic door modules parts manufacturer in Shenzhen of China

1,The introudction of injection mold for car plastic door modules parts

High automotive performance demands parts that handle it all. Plastics parts perform from the engine to the chassis; throughout the interior to the exterior. Today’s automotive plastics parts make up approximately 50% of the volume of a new light vehicle but less than 10% of its weight. There are so many demands for car plastic parts. Door modules is one of the important parts, and the best way to produce it is injection mold. Injection mold is a very good and effective way to get good quality of door modules plastic parts. 

2, The moulding introduction of car plastic parts.

Injection molding is one of the most commonly used production processes for plastics, as it offers a viable solution for mass producing high quality and consistent parts from a broad range of polymers. In the automotive industry, where consistency, safety and quality are all of the utmost importance, injection molding has become a staple.

In the early 2000s, the first plastic structural components for cars were introduced, which had the advantage of being more lightweight than their metal counterparts, unlocking improved fuel efficiency and cheaper production. Today, injection molding is still one of the dominant production methods for manufacturing plastic parts in the automotive industry because it is well suited to mass production.

3, The photo show of car plastic door modules parts


4, The specifications to car door modules parts mould

Mold Name car plastic door modules parts mould
Category car parts mold.

plastic injection

Ejection Material industrial car plastic.
Ejection System nozzle.
Base Material LKM or upon your requirement.
Core and Cavity Material NAK80 or as you liked.
Cavities Quantity
single or multi ,etc.
Type of Gating
hot runner.
Life Time
10000 to 300000shots.
Deliver Time 25 to 30days.

5, The description to car door modules parts

Part Name car plastic door modules parts.
Part Materials industrial plastic.
Forming Method
injection moulding
Fishin Treatment high polished.
Color custom.
Size customize.
Minimum Order 1000pcs.
Delivery Time 25days.

6, The packaging and shipping

Good packaging will be done accordingly different products. 

Good packaging will be done to meet strict protection while shipping.

7, FAQ

Q1: How many year have your factory worked on car injection mold?

A1: We have worked on car injection mold for over 15years.

Q2: Where have you supplied car parts injection mold to?

A2: Yes, We supplied car injection mold to Japan, German, US, etc..

Q3: How many days do you need to make a car mold?

A3: We can make satisfactory car injection mold in 30days.

Q4: Can you deliver my shipment to my forwarder?

A4: Yes, we can.

Q5: Can you make double molding?

A5: Yes, we can do two color or more color.

Q6: Can i get a sample?

A6: Yes, we can provide at most 10pcs samples once mold ready.

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