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  • ticket gate machine mould

    ticket gate machine mould

    ticket gate machine tooling, Airport Scanner series product mold, Transportation Security product, new design, prototype #mold maker#tooling supplier# injection# If any new design, pls send the 2D 3D design drawing to check the part feasibility. Pls contact me now.

  • Hand Dryer Mold

    Hand Dryer Mold

    If any new design for this type of part that require to a tooling, molding, injection, just feel free to send the 2D 3D drawing for our evaluation first.

  • oral irrigator Mold

    oral irrigator Mold

    Any new design just feel free to send the drawing for us to evaluate first. Send your 3D or 2D drawing with detail requirements.

  • coffee Machine Tooling

    coffee Machine Tooling

    Reliable mold maker in China Shenzhen, if you have any new design require a mold, tooling, prototype, pls feel free to contact us for more details discussion.Just send your part drawing for our evaluation.

  • Electric Iron Mold Prototype

    Electric Iron Mold Prototype

    Mold manufacture. tooling, injection for electric iron product,steam and dry iron part,automatic iron design

  • Air Purifier Tooling

    Air Purifier Tooling

    air purifier series product new designed part, new project, require tooling, mold manufacture, molding, injection,assembly.

  • Pet nest space capsule Mold or Prototype

    Pet nest space capsule Mold or Prototype

    Pet product new design,prototype, dog, cat,fish, turtle,birds,any kinds of pet product new design,which will require a mold opening to produce the new designed parts. Plastic injection, molding.

  • Tail Lamp Mould

    Tail Lamp Mould

    Kayou precision injection mold factory, is one of the famous mold factory in shenzhen of China.Kayou specializes in plastic injection mold making and moulding production from 2001 until now. We making car lamp mould for customers all over the world both in OEM and aftermarket .We sevice for SUZUKI,TOYOTA,REYNOLDS,HONDA and so on .

  • Air Conditioner Parts Mold

    Air Conditioner Parts Mold

    Kayou worked a injection mold factory for over 20years, has made so many air condition moulds. We can provide air-conditioning shell mold, vertical air-conditioning plastic shell mold, wall-hanging air-conditioning shell injection mold, vertical air-conditioning panel mold, hanging air-conditioning panel mould, full set of vertical air-conditioning plastic accessories mold, full set of air-conditioning plastic accessories mold.