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Who is your Reliable Plastic Mold Supplier

Who is your Reliable Plastic Mold Supplier?

Do you know how to choose a high-quality mold manufacturer?

Different plastic mold manufacturers take different time to manufacture a set of injection molds under the premise of the same quality. Some people think that the longer the cycle, the finer the workmanship and the better the quality. In fact, this is wrong. Because they are unprofessional, they need more time to manufacture. Because they are unprofessional, they need more time to repair. But it is not that the shorter the time, the better, because this complete mold manufacturing process takes time. The normal time for a professional plastic mold manufacturer to manufacture a set of injection molds is 25-40 days, depending on the difficulty of the mold, but the minimum time cannot be less than 20 days, and the longest time is not more than 50 days. Only a professional manufacturer can make a set of high-quality injection molds by splicing many years of production level.

Kayou has been working hard for 20 years, focusing on precision plastic mold manufacturing, serving customers around the world, and has been unanimously recognized by the industry. We continue to innovate and optimize the mold structure, and we have provided high-quality injection molds as our responsibility. For injection molds, many manufacturers can do it, but being able to do it does not mean that they can do it well. No matter what, only professional ones are trusted by customers. As a professional mold manufacturer, we have continuously summarized and explored in many years of mold production experience, and now has a complete set of injection mold design concepts and manufacturing processes. In the design, every detail has been carefully analyzed and certified, and the workmanship is also placed in the hands of a manufacturing master who has been manufacturing injection molds for many years. Always insist on doing professional things and provide customers with worry-free service. Kayou Mould welcomes new and old customers to supervise.