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How to make a quotation for plastic molds

Plastic mold, an abbreviation for a combined plastic mold used for compression molding, extrusion, injection, blow molding and low foam molding, mainly includes a combination of a concave mold base plate, a concave mold component and a concave mold combination card board. The concave mold of the variable cavity is a convex mold with a variable core composed of a convex mold combined base plate, a convex mold component, a convex mold combined card board, a cavity cutoff component and a side cut combined board. Coordinated changes of mold convex, concave mold and auxiliary molding system. Series of plastic parts of different shapes and sizes can be processed.

1. Determination of core and cavity size and price calculation: 1. Material fee = steel material (core and cavity material) fee + copper fee; 2. Steel/copper weight calculation method: M (weight kg)=p(density g/cm³)*V(volume mm³); 3. The iron (including all steel materials) is 7.8g/cm³, and the price is generally 8g/cm³. The quotation of copper density is generally 9g/cm³; 4. Calculation of steel/copper fee: weight (kg) * unit price

2. Determination of the size of the mold base and calculation of the price: Determination of the size of the mold base: It is determined by the size of the core and cavity. The larger the core, the larger the mold base. The mold base price = the size of the mold base Weight*unit price

3. Area calculation and price estimation of slow-moving wire: price calculation of slow-moving four-wire cutting: area * unit price per square millimeter

4. Estimated area and price of fast-moving silk: price of fast-moving silk = unit price * area (area of wire cutting)

5. Calculation of the processing price of deep hole drills: If the processing depth is less than 100cm, it is calculated as 100mm. The price of drilling oblique holes is 100 yuan for each calibration, and the price for non-through holes is 20 yuan. Special materials with material hardness higher than 30HRC are added 30%. Stainless steel materials 50% markup.

6. The calculation of CNC processing, lathe, milling machine processing costs: according to the processing costs of various mold parts, there will be endless phases

7. Estimation of trial cost: trial cost = number of trial times * single trial cost

In the mold price, in addition to the mold cost price that everyone can calculate, after the mold is completed, a trial mold is required. This part needs to be determined according to the difficulty of the mold, the requirements of the plastic part (appearance requirements, plastic part accuracy) After the number of molds, multiply it by the cost of each trial mold and add it to the mold quotation.