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To produce plastic molds, these prerequisites must be done well!

First, in the production and processing of plastic molds, especially in the preparation design stage, the first thing to determine here is what kind of injection molded parts we want to choose before accepting the design. At the beginning of the task, if the customer has a simple drawing design , First of all, we must adapt it according to the customer’s simple drawing, change it to a regular style drawing, communicate with the customer repeatedly to determine the situation of the existing drawing, and also explain the current technical requirements and production output. In addition, we have to consider the roughness or volume and quality of the entire product mold surface, and also look at related successful cases. In the plastic mold production and processing process, it is recommended that you can look at the shape and size of the entire product surface, or the existing volume and quality, and it is recommended that you can organize the injection design materials and molding process, and also consider the molding equipment. Machine processing or special processing materials to understand in many aspects, and make relevant preparations for it.

Second, during the production and processing of plastic molds, it is recommended that everyone be able to determine the existing molding method, through such a method to use various methods for injection molding, and clarify the production quality.

Third, before any plastic mold is produced and processed, it is recommended that we be able to determine the molding processing method, because relevant calculations must be done during the design process, and the working dimensions of the concave and convex parts must be calculated, the thickness of the entire cavity It also needs to be calculated. Under the condition that the thickness of the bottom plate is determined, the determination of the mold heating or cooling system is also very important. We can learn more about it. Only in this way can the entire mold be processed smoothly, and At the same time of processing, everyone should consider size issues in all mold processing.

Fourth, the service life of plastic molds after production and processing is also very important. When we want to process, we suggest that everyone can look at the existing service life and see if customers have other requirements for these products and how to To meet customer requirements, in the process of direct processing, including the number of injections of the entire product, the drawing of all the assembly drawings of the mold structure or the engineering drawings of the parts is very important. For this problem, everyone is more Good to be able to examine all of them clearly.