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What are the types of gaps between plastic molds and stamping materials?

Selection of plastic mold gap

The gap of the die is related to the type and thickness of the stamping material. Unreasonable clearance will cause the following problems:

(1) If the gap is too large, the burrs of the parts to be stamped will be relatively large and the stamping quality will be poor. If the gap is too small, although the punching quality is good, the die wear is serious, which greatly reduces the service life of the die and is likely to cause the punch to break.

(2) If the gap is too large or too small, it is easy to cause adhesion on the punching material, resulting in strips during the punching process. If the gap is too small, a vacuum is easily formed between the bottom surface of the punch and the plate, and the scrap rebounds.

(3) Reasonable clearance can extend the service life of the mold, has a good discharge effect, reduces burrs and flanging, keeps the board clean, the hole diameter does not scratch the board, reduces the number of sharpening times, and keeps the board straight. Precise stamping positioning.